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About our New Gem State Mobile App Developement software company in Boise.


 To enhance the business growth of our partners with Creative Design and Development that delivers market defining, high quality solutions. 



Porting from iOS App to Android.
Getting 2M more installs. 



 It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the correct answer to the question of how the product will satisfy the needs of the end user. It is a mixture of science and art, experience and intuition, which brings us to a true understanding of the Users’ needs and helps choose the best ways to meet them.User surveys, ma

  • Strategic planning workshops
  • Identification and analysis of competitors
  • Creating business and marketing requirements
  • Product roadmapping
  • Determination of priorities
  • Conducting user surveys
  • Outlining timeline and schedule



The balance of the convenient and beautiful is always non-trivial. Our products impress the users with their elegance on the one hand and ease of use on the other. They attract attention and incentivize to use them again and again and again and again. From wireframes and design concepts to the smallest UI details and smooth animations, we make sure that your product will stand out from the crowd.

  1. Wireframing
  2. Rapid prototyping
  3. Branding
  4. Visual design
  5. Style guides
  6. Animations

We are the New Rapid Growth Software Company in the Boise Nampa Area, for the Geat Gem State of Idaho. 3G Tech LLC. You Dream it, We Build it! in Nampa 3G Tech LLC. You Dream it, We Build it! in Boise


To develop a quality marketable product it is important not only to write a quality and easily extendable code, but also chose an approach to the development process in general. Since the beginning of development until the release of the first version of the product, the market will have time to change. In this setting, agility plays a key role. Thinking over an extensible architecture, an iterative approach and continuous integration are the main characteristics of our development process.

  • Agile teams
  • Native development
  • Xamarin and ReactNative
  • Unit tests
  • Integration tests
  • Continuous integration & delivery
  • End-to-end testing
  • Code reviews